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An athlete with a white collar and chasing his dreams: An Interview with ASICS Turkey Running Team Captain

Read Time: 11 min 30 sec

Tranlated by YAVAS, Gamze and OCAKKUCUK, Abdullah


This interview was carried out with Gürkan Kazancı, Turkey ASICS Running Team Captain, on 25/07/2020.
It cannot be copied or shared without the consent of the parties. For sharing, please contact us via

The interview was conducted in Turkish and the translations were made by Ga…

Recalling the Pessimism of War: 'Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe'

Read Time: 4 min 17 sec

Translation by OCAKKUCUK, Abdullah


During its time, world history has experienced two major global wars that caused enormous suffering and which affected more than one country, state, and society. Although two big world wars that started in 1914 and 1939 were not in the recent past by 2020, these events are the foundations of the world order. Unfortunately,…

The Architecture, in the Middle of Time and Space Perception: The Dancing House

Read Time: 5 min 47 sec

Translation by YAVAS, Gamze


We proceed swiftly in the age of rush. We are exposed to thousands of contents, news, videos, and photographs. We lose our perception of time, as technology continues to be indispensable in our lives. In fact, when we are trying to capture many of the things that are normal to miss, we are losing the place we are i…

Cresta Run Track in Switzerland Welcomes Women After 90 Years

Read Time: 2 min 21 sec


The Cresta Run is the world’s most popular ice skeleton racing toboggan track in the world and attracts adrenaline junkies since the 1884 century. The track is 1212 meters long with 36% of the gradient at the steepest point. Cresta Run has its the highest speed record up to 82 miles per hour. However, female racers were banned from this excitement in 192…

Another More Big Organization Suffered from the Wrath of Coronavirus: ''A Review about ITB Berlin''

 Read Time: 5 min 56 sec 


   In 2020, dates between 4-8 March, ITB Berlin would be held for exhibitors, visitors, all sector-related corporations and tourism enthusiasts but that didn't happen! Another more big organization succumbed to Coronavirus.

   Actually we prepared this writing a few days before the German Tourism Industry Federal Uni…