10 Most Popular Train Excursions in The World

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 In his book “Kreutzer Sonat”, Lev Nikolayaviç Tolstoy said;

   “Don’t know if it was the train ride which arose a stimulating effect on people or not, I could not master my imagination since I was sitting in my seat...”

   Even though we don’t know what impact train travel will have on you, we hereby compiled the most impressive 10 Train Excursions for you to experience.


   1. Trans Siberian Express - Russia


Distance: 5.625 Miles

This is the longest railway line in the world that connects Moscow to the Far East coast of Russia. The Siberia Express offers a unique experience to its participants by passing through the Ural Mountains, the Siberian Taiga Forest Belt, the Siberian Baykal Lake, and vast steppes. During the journey, you will have visited 7 administrative districts, 19 main cities, and more than 150 county town stations. The journey takes 6-8 days to 14-16 days depending on the model of the train and how many times you ‘hop on, hop off’.


   2. Glacier Express- Switzerland

(Rudy Mareel, Flickr)

Distance: 181 Miles

If you want to get lost among fascinating landscapes, Glacier Express is meant just for you. On this trip, you can find the snowy landscapes of the Alpine mountains in winter and every shade of green in the Swiss valleys in the summer.

You will cross 291 bridges and traverse through 91 tunnels while continuing between Albula Valley and Zermatt – St. Moritz. Besides, be prepared for a unique experience with mountain lakes at an altitude of 2033 meters, many mountain peaks in the Matteron region, flowing rivers, and waterfalls. In addition, Glacier Express is one of the slowest trains in the world with an average speed of 40 km.


   3. Blue Train- South Africa


Distance: 994 Miles

Get ready for a 24-hour journey with magnificent views from Cape Town to Johannesburg!

Blue Train is a 5-star “wheeled hotel” line starting from the vast south of Africa and extending to the north where luxury technology meets the train tracks. Serving with fully equipped luxury suites, Blue Train has only 4 suites in each wagon.

Enjoy the view while on the train, which travels only 110 km per hour, and don’t forget to sip your champagne!


   4. Rocky Mountaineer- Canada

(Roderick Eime, Flickr)

Distance: 280 Miles

The Rocky Mountaineer offers you an amazing adventure!

Glass-domed wide-angle wagons allow participants to see nature from any angle.

The Rocky Mountaineer invites you to explore Canada and the Rocky Mountains on three different routes. Special interest tourists who want to use the line should keep in mind that the train operates only between April and October.


   5. The Ghan- Australia

(Roderick Eime, Flickr)

Distance: 1.851 Miles

Are you ready for an unforgettable 54-hour Australian adventure from Adelaide to Darwin?

The Ghan is one of the world's longest railways, which consists of 3 stages. The train offers access to Australian areas, which are difficult to access by your own means.

It will inspire you with its ever-changing, impressive scenery, comfortable, and private travel opportunities!


   6. The Jacobite- Scotland


Distance: 41 Miles

Harry Potter fans, this is for you. Our next line goes from King Cross Train Station to Hogwarts… If we were in the world of Harry Potter, we could go on like this.

This is The Jacobite steam train line between Fort William and Mallaig. While passing through the mountains, valleys, and lakes of Scotland, the views will give you a visual feast!


   7. Eastern & Oriental Express- Southern Asia

(Simon Pielow, Flickr)

Distance: 1.242 Miles

The Eastern & Oriental Express starts from Singapore's Woodland Train Checkpoint and ends at Thailand's Hua Lamphong station. The train passes Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand peninsula in 3 days (2 nights) and offers an exotic journey to its participants. The observation wagon at the back of the train gives the participants the opportunity not to miss the views and fully breathe the air of the region. The rich menu of regional cuisines on the train will add extra experiences to your trip. You will be amazed by the interior design and comfort of the train.

Eastern & Oriental Express calls you for a unique Far East Travel!


   8. Harmony High-Speed Train- China 

(Enzo Jiang, Flickr)

Distance: All China Railway

How about traveling with Harmony, the fastest train in the world? High-speed trains that travel in many cities of China reduce intercity transportation to very short periods. For example, from Beijing to Shanghai: 1318 km, 4-5 hours; From Wuhan to Guangzhou: 1068 km, 3 hours; From Shanghai to Nanjing: 301 km, 70-80 minutes; From Zhengzhou to Xi'an: 458 km, takes 2 hours.


   9. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway- India

(Ron Fisher, Flickr)

Distance: 55 Miles

Darjeeling Himalaya Railway, also known as DHR or "Toy Train", goes to Darjeeling city from New Jalpaiguri, India. It uses the DHR steam locomotive, which was added to the world heritage list by UNESCO in 1999. The train climbs up to about 2,200m by drawing zig-zag roads from New Jalpaiguri, which is 100m above sea level with the altitude it gained at a short distance. DHR calls those who want to experience both a nostalgic train trip and a mysterious tour of the Himalayas!


   10. Belmond Hiram Bingham Luxury Train- Peru

(Robert Kaplan, Flickr)

Distance: 52 Miles

While traveling between Cusco and Machu Picchu, you will pass through the Sacred Valley of the Incas that stretches to Pisac along the Urubamba River. You will be amazed as you pass through deep green valleys and cloud forests between vast mountains. This trip to Machu Picchu will be just as impressive as seeing it! So much so that in this unique train, "All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware," as philosopher Martin Buber, passing through the Sacred Valley of Peru, observed. 


   Hey Sitorbis Readers,

   Come on, join a train trip, and share your experiences with us!







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