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These days when Covid19 is roaming all around the World, we all know that one of the countries that are most affected by the virus in Italy. As we’re waiting and hoping for that to get away, I keep thinking about all the wonderful days I had in Italy. When we all extremely want to rid of this condition, I prefer writing about the future plans and the beautiful things we’ll get back. I believe that I will have the chance to visit Italy again and I hope you will too.

Italy, one of the most beautiful countries around the World, that’s for sure. Country of the best coffee, wine, and food. If you’re interested in gastronomy, or you just love food (like who doesn’t, right) you should definitely visit Italy. If you already visited there, even many times, I think I still know some flavors you’ve not tasted yet. So, let me talk about my favorite tastes in five cities in Italy so far.



Since ancient times, Rome has been one of the cities that were at the center of the world, not just Europe. You can find surprises that will appeal to everyone on the narrow streets of the city, where Renaissance masterpieces, modern architecture, and buildings are harmoniously scattered.

In Rome, which is an important city of food and beverage culture, local people especially attach great importance to dinner. There are great restaurants, Trattorias which offer local dishes at affordable prices, or mostly family-run Osterias.

Da Francesco

It is a restaurant that will not attract your attention as you pass by it. It is centrally located but has an unpretentious entrance on the side street. But such tastes are hidden in this place... They make wonders with truffle mushrooms (a very special and delicious kind of mushrooms as you’d probably know). You should especially try truffle mushroom pizza and lasagna. Thanks to the friendly waiters, you can drink cheap and beautiful wines. I recommend you to complete your meal with original and delicious tiramisu.

Felice a Testaccio

Although the place is not very central, it should definitely be found and the flavors in this restaurant should be tried. You'll need to make s reservation a couple of days before you go. But you will never regret it. A famous traditional pasta of Rome, Spaghetti "Cacio e Pepe" (made with Pecorino Romano cheese) is amazing here. Spaghetti Carbonara (includes bacon) is the best I’ve ever had. Also, Abbacchio (slow-cooked lamb) is awesome. You should also drink this region wine "Cesanese del Piglio". That tiramisu though... Absolutely one of the best. You'll know after you try and thank me.


Gelateria La Romana

A place for soft & smooth ice cream served without the cold chain. I strongly recommend you go. The place is small, you can get out, eat outside, as everyone does. But there are a few tables if you want to sit down. You already have to line up most of the time. It is a place preferred not only by tourists but also by everyone living in Rome. One of the best I've ever had in my life. Good thing they have different points in the city.

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With the Renaissance Movement sprouting in its territory, Florence, which allows Italy and then Europe to develop in artistic terms, attracts the masses with its diversity. The city, which fascinates its visitors in many subjects from architecture to art, from city life to culinary culture, should definitely be seen. I have two advices for food in the city.

Trattoria Za Za

After visiting Medici Riccardi Palace, San Lorenzo Basilics, or Leonardo Da Vinci museum you should stop by there. It is a charming place where you can eat traditional Florence food, you would be able to go without reservation and have very delicious food and friendly waiters. It is much better to sit inside because its ambiance is great! The Florentine Steak can be tried here. My favorites are truffle mushroom ravioli and gnocchi (a kind of pasta made with potatoes), you should try them. Tiramisu is different here and very delicious.

Osteria Del Cinghiale Bianco

I have one thing to say: Blueberry Panna Cotta (cooked cream). The best Panna Cotta ever! I insist you try. It’s right near the Arno River and you can easily get there through St. Trinity Bridge.



Napoli cuisine is one of the most famous and rich cuisines of the world, with delicious pizza types come to mind first. In Naples, which we can call pizza's homeland, there are many local restaurants where you can try pizzas with original flavors. The flavors you usually taste in Naples dishes; tomatoes, basil, and garlic.

Di Matteo

I can say that the best pizza I have ever had was here. Apart from Margherita and Marinara pizzas, you can find a variety here. Margherita here is at least as delicious as Margherita of Da Michele. But you must try Quattro Formaggi (four cheese pizza), that is incredible. It is worth coming to Italy just for these pizzas. There are beautiful churches, cathedrals, theaters around the point, such as amazing San Gregorio Armano Church.

1947 Fritta

A different approach to pizza. The new perception of pizza in your mind: fried pizza. According to the request, filled with vegetables, tomatoes, cheese, olives, etc. Tomato cheese is my favorite. There are no plates, fork, or knife. While eating, it is divided into two pieces and served between the paper. You should try it. Before or after visiting Santa Maria Egiziaca a Forcella, another beautiful church.

Giovanni Scaturchio

A local, old and traditional Napoli bakery. It's an interesting experience really. They have many varieties of Napoli desserts. I'm sure you're gonna find something you've never tried. Sfogliatella (also called Lobster Tail, shell-shaped filled Italian pastry), Baba (a pastry made with rum), Cannoli, different kinds of donuts with different sorts of creams or Nutella and all.



Having a great experience with the beauty of its history and architecture, Milan is one of the first settlements that come to mind when it comes to Italy. Among the most important fashion and art centers in the world, traces reflecting a different culture can be found in every region of the city. There are two spots I recommend for you to eat.


A paradise for lovers of thick dough pizza. It is sold as a slice, very delicious. Margherita is my choice. Tiramisu is tasty. They have many places in Milan. You should give it a chance.


If your path falls to Milan and you want to have something on foot, you should definitely stop by this place behind the Duomo square. The most famous and my favorite is Panzerotti (a special pastry, like a small calzone). You should try Panzerotti with mozzarella and tomatoes. Also, Focaccia (a flat oven-baked Italian bread product, similar in style and texture to pizza dough) is delicious here. It’s probably gonna be a spot that you’ll get by since the location of the place is right behind Duomo.



This is a city of exploration, where you can reach everywhere by walking, and you will not have to worry about something missing as you run between spots like crazy. Instead, you find plenty of time to get to know lifestyles; a city that will surprise you at every corner. In this respect, you can easily access the food and take your time.

Trattoria La Montanara

One of my favorite spots in Bologna. Simple and plain menu. My advice is Lasagna de Verde, lasagna with vegetables and minced meat sauce.

La Sorbetteria Castiglione

Incredible Gelato (Italian ice cream). There is always a queue in front of the place. If you want to eat ice cream in Bologna, it is worth walking there. The portions are huge. They also serve Gelato in Focaccia, awesome. Mascarpone Gelato is one of the best things I have ever tasted. Strongly recommended.

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All in all, Italy is an incredible country in a lot of ways. I love those five cities and it was a pleasure to share with you about the savor over there. There are so many flavors to taste in Italy. I just tried to mention my favorite ones, so far. I hope this would inspire you and will be helpful for you.



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