“An island where people and gods live together”

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   Miyajima: “An island where people and gods live together”

Miyajima may be the best choice in the world for a camp enthusiast. This UNESCO World Heritage site makes you feel like a dream with its nature, domesticated deers, villages, and temples. On this island, which is only one boat away from Hiroshima, you will be able to visit fairy tale villages and get to know Japanese culture more closely. The island's masterpiece is the vermilion torii gate, which seems to float in the middle of the sea with tides (currently in renovation).

If you are a person who loves hiking, you can go on a journey through nature on the sacred Mount Misen, which is the subject of many legends and miracles. The panoramic view at the summit will take your breath away.

Join the Kangensai Festival held in the summer and witness the ancient tradition of the local people.

Not only that, but you also can not see the stairs of Daishoin, the main temple of the island, anywhere else in the world. In this temple, you can see mandala arts and countless Buddhist statues.

There are many reasons to go to Miyajima, so when do you hit the road?



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