BEER; Destination or Journey?

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What comes to your mind when you take a sip of beer? Feeling bitterness of beer? The beer you had drunk on summer vacation? The foolish moment you had you visited?... Having a few reminiscences or any kind of sense is enough to get us out the door for beer, eventually, it will be more than a drink to you.

(Instagram: @fotosviagemecerveja ; Hop'n Roll Brewpub, Curitiba, Brasil)

Beer has a multilayered image thanks to the sensations it conveys relating to its environment. To make it clear; when we think about a pub, it is probable to imagine a lively and original place where socializing is easy. Apart from the  “almighty” beer they serve, they attract us with their music, or activities or basically with design. Most of our intentions to go to a bar are the result of socializing, entertainment, getaway or simply enjoying the taste of beer. On the other hand imagine a brewery you visited; new tastes, learning different techniques, observing the production process will create a great experience. If you enjoy pursuing these environments of beer, you are most likely to go after a beer and that makes you beer tourist!

It would not be wrong to say there are other beverages that can arouse different feelings, but If we examine thoroughly our sympathy towards beer, perhaps science could help us a little bit. According to a study held in Indiana University School of Medicine, beer tasting itself releases dopamine in the brain without even considering the effect of alcohol. To explain briefly; dopamine is our fuel of movement, reward, memory, attention, motivation, and arousal. Now that we find out our triggering hormone, connotation, or the image of beer makes more sense. Before alcohol mixes with the blood, we are rewarding our brains with those experiences. At this point, beer offers a unique experience to release dopamine through socialization, exploration, and enjoyment.

(Instagram: @xichabrewing ;  Xicha Brewing Company, Oregon, US)

In conclusion, when we consider all these factors and outcomes, the beer becomes synonymous with "having a good time". It really is when you wander in a brewery factory and expand your knowledge or having a chance to meet with new faces in a local pub. If you reflect upon these rewards, you might find out your personal passion for beer. All we need to do is taking a step back and understand that beer is not the destination but the journey itself.

Enjoy your drink :D


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