Cresta Run Track in Switzerland Welcomes Women After 90 Years

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The Cresta Run is the world’s most popular ice skeleton racing toboggan track in the world and attracts adrenaline junkies since the 1884 century. The track is 1212 meters long with 36% of the gradient at the steepest point. Cresta Run has its the highest speed record up to 82 miles per hour. However, female racers were banned from this excitement in 1929 due to fears that tobogganing would develop breast cancer. Later on, women were allowed to ride the track from the lower start, therefore the reason for banning remains questionable. In all these 90 years, only one woman was able to finish this track by appearing to be her husband.

                                                          A woman racing on the Cresta Run (1904)

St. Moritz Tobogganing Club members voted by a two-thirds majority to allow women to ride the Cresta Run again and become members (BBC). A British mother and army reservist Carina Evans become the first woman to do Cresta Run for the first time after women were banned. Mrs. Evans, who has been racing on the short track for nearly 20 years, has realized her biggest dream this year. She also got the best of the short course among British women and completed the Cresta Run with the lifting of the ban and the support of her friends. Evans said “My motto is ‘If you are not in it, you can’t win it’. It was a unique opportunity. You have only got one crack at this life.” As we understand from Evans' words and a milestone in Cresta Run, pursuing the passions in our lives leads us to immortal experiences in our short lives She practiced her “forbidden” dream for 20 years, what is your excuse?




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