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I am a dietitian who loves to travel and I can say clearly Belgian Cusine is a dietitian’s nightmare. Of course, it is most people ‘s dream at the same time.  Potatoes, waffles, chocolates, and beer.

Like many European countries, potato is in the main role. You can find a fried potato shop for almost every corner. I must say they were the most delicious ones that I tried in other countries. They provide variety with sauces. My favorites were curry ketchup and andalous sauce.



My friends and I went to the city’s most famous moule restaurant; Chez Leon. It was a great experience for us. We tried different mussel dishes and enjoyed every bite. I strongly recommended to you if you visit Brussels. Moreover, the prices are below average according to the service you receive. 


I also tried the Belgian stew. Unfortunately, it did not fit my preferences. If you like sweet tastes with meat, you can try.

Belgium is a beer city. You can find a wide selection of beer in bars and pubs. But one of them is a special place. The Delirium Cafe has over 2000 types of beers and it was recorded Guinness Book of Records in 2004. The only problem is to choose the right beer from the long list. Strong beers begin with the ‘Tripple’.You should definitely try the Tripple Carmelite. It was my favorite and also it has a beautiful beer glass. It is a great option for a souvenir.


Also, if you like drinking beer while visiting the city during the day like me, you can reach the beers consumed by the local people, from the markets.

Let’s come to desserts. If I say 'whole city smells like a waffle', it won't be exaggerated. It was Christmas time when I was in Belgium. Many shops at the Christmas market were selling the chocolates and waffles. It was a delicious day with lots of calories. For the rest of the year, you can always find chocolate stores the streets around the Grand Palace.

If you are going to stay in Brussels for a short time just enjoy the food. But you are planning a little longer visit, you can always balance your nutrition type with the wide salad sections in the supermarkets.

As I and my article, I hope that our world will return to normal again and we all be able to travel again.


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