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   “This song is going to have a whole new and special meaning for all of us here.” 

That’s what Daniel told me while Jay Murray was singing a cover of “In My Life” at the legendary club The Cavern in Liverpool. Since that summer of 2017, whenever I listen to that Beatles song I can’t help but think about that night in 10 Matthew Street, I can feel Douglas’ drunken arms around me, I remember how every one of us in the club was singing at the top of our lungs like a choir, I can hear the clinking glasses and I feel glad again. Daniel was right.

(Stage of The Cavern Club)

There is some kind of romance between music and travel. Maybe you mixed a playlist to drive, or you have that very special song that you heard for the first time while walking down La Gran Vía in Madrid or that song in a different language that someone you met in Colombia sent you to make sure you won’t forget them. Music revives the memories in a way unlike anything else.

Music is always there and makes our journey even more meaningful, but planning a travel to go to a concert —or a legendary venue like The Cavern— is a whole new level of happiness when music is such an important part of your life, as it is for me. 

The first time I had the chance to travel overseas, I found out that I was spending most of my time searching for music clubs and standing in front of buskers and that most of my stories when I'm back home starting with something like “I was at this amazing music club…”. 

Soon I found myself planning special trips around concerts dates: one morning in March I was walking in Prague while waiting for Jason Mraz’s concert that same evening (after waiting for his show in Mexico for 8 years); once I was surrounded by very tall guys at a KISS concert in Brno singing like crazy until one of them grabbed me by the ankles and carried me over his shoulders so I could finally see the stage (thank you, stranger!) and on my latest travel I rearranged the itinerary to be sure I’d be in Brussels for Sigrid’s concert. There’s something special —even magical, I could say— about seeing your favorite artists while traveling abroad, you’re able to make a strong connection with the city you’re visiting.

(KISS Concert in Brno, Czechia)

(Sigrid Concert in Brussels, Belgium)

Music has to lead me to the most particular places, especially when it comes to the local scene and to meet and create wonderful memories with amazing people. While in Oslo, Julius took me to Blå, a vibrating music club by the Akerselva river, every time I listen to “Pills (Rock ‘n Roll Nurse)” I think about those sleepless nights in Norway.

Fancy some rap battles and fish and chips? Go to Chip Shop in Brixton, London, that’s where Jake took me one night after ice-skating in front of the Natural History Museum.

(ChipShop in London, England)

On my 25th birthday, I met Mirek, the talented Navrátil Quartet drummer In Metro Music Bar, in Brno. At O’Connors Pub in Galway, I found myself dancing to Irish music with strangers that soon after became friends and with whom I was singing “Drunken Sailor” at 4 in the morning in The Long Walk. 

(Metro Music Bar in Brno, Czechia)


Whether it's on our playlists, a street artist music, small venues gigs, an international artist's concert, or big festivals, music always accompanies our travels and when we return home it nurtures our memories. 

What is the soundtrack of your journey?


© Photos by Olguín, Alejandra

* Cover image by Francesco Ciccolella

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