Unsolved Mystery of 300-years-old Ghost Town

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Can you ever imagine that in a single night whole population of a town vanished or moved from the town to another place and no one is still able to know the reason of their displacement or the place where they inhabited again. This is the story of a 300-year-old India’s very own 'ghost town' named as or known as “Kuldhara”. 

(This is the story of an abandoned desert village in Jaiselmer; Photo from myishasmehfil.com)

Rajasthan is an Indian state situated in west part of country. The larger parts of Rajasthan consist of desert, this desert known as the great Thar Desert. The name Rajasthan derived from or mean as the place of kings. This Indian desert state consist of lots of ruins of forts and ghost town but Kuldhara is much popular among the people due to its characteristics of abandoned and mystery. 

(A sunset view in the Thar Desert; Instagram: @atishclifton / Aug, 2016)

Kuldhara is situated 17 km west from Jaisalmer. Around 300 years ago it was a prosperous town inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins in Jaisalmer region. There are some legends associated with the vanishing of Paliwal Brahmins, the state tax collector of the region Saalim Singh who was known for his unethical method of tax collecting and debauchery, Saalim Singh fell for the beautiful daughter of village head. His lust for the girl made him mad he wanted the girl at any cost, so he warned all the villagers either they give the girl to him or they get ready to face grave consequences in the form of heavy taxes. The village head held a meeting of 85 villages and they decided to leave the town rather to bow down in front of cruel Saalim Singh. So, the next night the whole people of 85 villages left their houses and vanished, before leaving the town they put a curse on it that no one ever able to live here again. Since then this town was abandoned and the houses remain in same situation as they left the town and no one from till date have able to live here. They left their houses at night and no one ever able to know that where they resettled.

The other legend associated with this is due to heavy taxes levy by Saalim Singh, the people leave their place to resettled in a new green pastoral place. But the upper story is feel more relevant and give goosebumps so it feels more authentic rather than any other stories.

(Abondoned Gazebo in Kuldhara by Sonali Gangane; www.fineartamerica.com)

(Khana Fort is a part of the Kuldhara Village; Instagram: @rajatshan_wondersthan)

The houses of the town still remain in same condition as they were when people left it. The structure of houses and the abandoned village gives eerie and spooky feelings. There is advisory written by the archaeological survey of India after the sunset no one is permitted to stay inside the town due to ghostly or spooky activities noticed by the several people.

The main thing or you may be call it the great mystery is still remain from 300 years where the people of Kuldhara resettled and why no one able to know about the such a huge displacement of people from one place to another and why don’t anyone was able to live there after the displacement of Paliwal Brahmins?

(''Kuldhara was once a prosperous village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins''; Instagram: @aflaaatooon)


Cover Image by Chintan Gosar; Instagram: @chintan_thegreat

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